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Annamerika Quintet

The international quintet around saxophonist Anna Keller met and formed in Graz in 2016.

The diverse group of musicians from various European countries has its musical roots in jazz, but at the same time has been able to develop its own sound by finding new ideas and inspirations from many other styles, especially rock and blues music.

Since the beginning, the band has been playing the music by Anna Keller and has developed a program of original compositions and arrangements of songs outside the jazz genre.

With a lot of creativity and musical sensitivity, each musician adds a touch of his personality and experience, creating a very individual and interesting mixture.

The music is spontaneous and fresh with different sounds and a lot of groove. 
In June 2018 they released their debut album "Music from this world" with the Swiss label Unit Records. 

Anna Keller (D) - alto saxophone 
Tomáš Lukáč (SVK) - guitar 
Urs Hager (DE) - piano 
Miloš Čolović (SRB) - bass guitar 
Balázs Balogh (HU) - drums

Music from this World (Unit Records)

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